Detect Drift in Minutes

An on-demand ML Monitoring desktop app for Data Scientists

Detect Drift in Minutes

100% secure data as it runs on your laptop


Download the app and get started in a few minutes


Completely free for one project

Create a Project

Connect training & production data and run evaluation

Identify Distribution

Effortlessly identify the data distribution visually

View Correlation

View the correlation coefficient for each feature – Pearson, Kendall, and Spearman

Detect Drift

Instantly detect drift without writing a single line of code

Designed to make you efficient

Most data scientists use systems and tools to save time and efforts

Complete independence

Zero dependence on other teams to evaluate and measure the progress of the ML models you build and manage

Articulate better

Your ML model is no longer perceived as a blackbox by the key stakeholders. You can now articulate its performance better

Faster turnaround

Since you can measure the performance really fast & accurately, you can improve the model faster


Dblue is a MLOps company. Our goal is to take care of the full machine learning life cycle management for teams, so that they can focus on solving their business problems.

Ramjee Ganti - Co-Founder & CEO

IIT Kharagpur. 2X Entrepreneur. Ex-Intel, CTO at JustEat India, BigDecisions. Instrumental in building path defining and scalable products across domains

Rajesh Hegde - Co-founder & CTO

Technology Evangelist. Startup Enthusiast. Product builder to the core. Years of experience in solving complex engineering problems through world class innovative solutions. Tech at JustEat India, NewsCorp, Equifax


DBlue’s ML Monitoring app runs locally on your laptop. It can’t get more secure than this! 🙂

Technically yes. However, the free version supports a single project and one evaluation per project. Unlimited projects and evaluations are enabled with just a single lifetime fee of $99.

We are at [email protected] and look forward to serve you.


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