High Quality Google Analytics Data at Minimal Cost

Much Cheaper

Google Analytics 360 starts at $150,000/year and custom solution will take time and effort to build and manage

High Quality

We process and enrich raw Google Analytics data into queryable format which is compatible with GA export schema

No Sampling

Build reports on unsampled data. All hits level data are available in non-aggregated format without any restriction. You can build reports using any number of dimensions and metrics

Highly Secure

Data is stored in Google's managed warehouse solution called BigQuery. ACLs are available to restrict as per your need and encrypt at rest.


All hit level data with dimensions and metrics are available in BigQuery within minutes. You can quickly take action based on user behavior


Google Analytics does not let you store the Personal Identification Information like email/phone, however you can store that in Google BigQuery

Third-party User ID

Our third-party User ID helps you in building user journey across network of sites to target intersecting audiences

CRM Data

Connect with your CRM and cost data to have holistic picture about marketing performance and calculate the ROI/ROAS for new and returning audience.

Start collecting Google Analytics raw data today,