These are unprecedented times. It’s natural for businesses to look for ways to control costs. My experience from building on the cloud for over a decade tells me that most cloud infra costs can be optimized by 20-40% even when running at full load.

In these times we can do better. Rationalizing your cloud infra spend is one of the first measures you should take in the wake of covid19. Irrespective of whether you are on AWS GCP, or Azure, the following are few tips are valid,

  1. Cross-check your cross-region bandwidth usage. Bandwidth on cloud is one of the largest spendings.
  2. Check the sizing of your VMs especially on non-production environments. You don’t always need the higher end machines.
  3. Check your storage policies. Move all data not accessed in the last one month to cold line storage.
  4. Check the frequency and number of snapshots you retain.
  5. Delete/Stop all compute/database instances not used in the last one month.
  6. Stop non-production resources during non-working hours (nights, weekends, etc)
  7. Use metadata tags to segment the costs by business unit, by the environment. It will give you a true picture of the costs for further optimization.

There are many other techniques, but the above itself can give considerable initial savings. In case you need help in optimizing the costs reach out to me.

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