Dblue is a MLOps company. Our goal is to take care of the full machine learning life cycle management for teams, so that they can focus on solving their business problems.

Typical teams today consist of Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and ML Engineers. It takes lot of time and effort to build environments, productionize, maintain all the artifacts. More importantly even with all the effort, things do not go live on-time and within the budget.

We at Dblue, helping the companies take data science models to production and monitor them for performance degradation, drifts, and model bias. Also, we explain the black-box models to provide visibility into predictions.


Ramjee Ganti

Co-Founder & CEO
IIT Kharagpur. 2X Entrepreneur. ex-Intel, CTO at JustEat India, BigDecisions. Instrumental in building path defining and scalable products across domains

Rajesh Hegde

Co-Founder & CTO
Technology Evangelist. Startup Enthusiast. Product builder to the core. Years of experience in solving complex engineering problems through world class innovative solutions. Tech at JustEat India, NewsCorp, Equifax